Golden tips for freelancers to stay organized

In today’s economy, freelancing is one of the job categories which is on the rise. There are now more than 20 million freelance workers in U.S alone. The freelancing industry offers freedom and flexibility, but it also comes with the risk of ending up not having enough job. The job is especially challenging because you will have multiple projects, multiple bosses, different schedules to add up the complexity. Juggling multiple jobs at a time is not any easy job. Here are some tips for all the freelancers to stay organized: Don’t commit to jobs you can’t handle: A successful freelancer schedules work week in advance, but allocates some wiggle room for other things. ‘Saying No” in appropriate places is really important for a freelancer. Focus on the opportunities...

Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

The essays are the one which explain in detail about the concepts and it is developed for different purposes. The basic structure is similar that no matter what it is? You can write essays to argue on the particular point of view or it will explain the steps that are necessary to complete the task. In each way your essays will be of basic structure and format. If you are following the simple steps then it is finding that the essay is almost writes itself. You are responsible for the ideas embedded in the essays and for its supply, which is the most important part in generating the essays. You need to encourage and cheer yourself for writing the essays and get started with the essays. Here are some simple steps which make you easy process of writing the essays....

SEO Is a Great Profession. You Can Make it Your Career

What I like about SEO as a career is that there will always be a need for it. Also, the discipline keeps evolving constantly, so human intervention is required all the time. Here is an infographic that seems to agree with me:

Health and Safety in the Workplace – Why It’s Important and Not Just to Stop Fun

In the past few years employers have become increasingly strict with their regulations around health and safety. Rather than having just a few people trained in first aid, large organisations have people employed specifically to monitor health and safety in the workplace prompting many to question whether they’re there just to stop employees having fun at work, while others believe that they’re doing a great job to reduce the risk of accidents. After all, to use an example, studies in Australia have revealed that one in every twelve employees suffers an accident in the workplace that results in a compensation claim. Over the years, employees have made claims for injuries to their hands, feet, eyes, ears and other body parts as well as muscular...

A Career As a Press Release Writer?

Marketers all over the world compose hundreds of thousands of press releases each day. But the important question in our mind today is, can you make a career writing press releases? The answer is a resounding, “Yes.” Look at this infographic to see the large potential in this market. Graphic Citation