The Hardest Jobs to Get

The economy is hard and whatnot. How many times have you heard that sentence in the last 5 years? Jobs are hard to come by but there are some that are harder than others. If you knew the hardest jobs to get you could stay clear of those and go for something more practical. This is a smart idea, especially in this day and age. So here is a list of the hardest jobs to get in America.

Tons of kids dream of becoming an astronaut. Going up into space and exploring the unknown is risky and exciting and many people aspire to become an astronaut. NASA astronauts must have many difficult prerequisites and they go through long extensive training. For 20 months, they must go through this training where they learn how to function with zero gravity and how to journey into the great beyond. The chances that you can become an astronaut are 12,100,000 to 1. NASA only hires about 12 astronauts every year so don’t get your hopes up about becoming one. 

Professional Referee
Professional sports will probably always be around right? This means that there should be a need for professional referees because someone has to keep score right? Well, sorry to disappoint but this is anther really hard job to get. It is harder than becoming a professional athlete! Applicants have to go through a complex process where their psychological characteristics are tested. Right now there are less than 2,000 people employed in this field. That is not very many considering how many people live in this country.

President of the United States
The President is in charge of basically the whole country. Sure, he has help from the legislative and judicial branch but he still has a lot of responsibility. Imagine watching over a whole country full of people! I’m sure you can imagine why this is such a hard job to get. So many kids grow up saying, I’m going to be the President of the United States someday! This job is so hard to get because there are many age and residency requirements in order to become president. Also, you must have political experience and a loving fan-base. Besides all this, only one person is hired every 4 years for this job. So, best of luck!

Mathematical Technician
This is a career for those who love numbers. You must be able to do lots of things with formulas and equations and principles. I can’t even really tell you exactly what they do because it is so complicated. However, the reason why this job is so hard to get is because there are rarely openings. Right now there are 1,100 mathematical technicians in America, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is estimated that there will only be 40 openings in the next few years.

Now I’m not trying to throw all your dreams off a cliff, but I am warning you that you may want to look for a career that is practical and that you are positive that you can get  job in. The economy is hard right now. Just remember that as you start job searching!

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